Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (SCD)

The Agilent 8355 SCD is a major advance in sulfur chemiluminescence detection, with improved technology that is more reliable and easier to use. It is highly sensitive and specific with a simplified burner design.

A dual-plasma burner achieves high temperature combustion of sulfur-containing compounds to form sulfur monoxide (SO). A photomultiplier tube detects the light produced by the chemiluminescent reaction of SO with ozone.

Sulfur-specific detection for gas chromatography (GC)

Fully integrated or standalone configurations available

Picogram-level detection limits

No hydrocarbon quenching

Linear, equimolar response to sulfur compounds

Compatible with many ASTM methods

Tandem SCD and FID operation

~40% reduction in burner components

Fewer potential leak points

Replacement of inner ceramic tubes takes only about 10 minutes