Ingeniería Analítica supplies a wide range of products of chromatography, spectrometry and other related techniques, offering turnkey solutions according to the specific requirements of each user. Within our products you will find general equipments of chromatography for multiple applications and equipments designed for very specific applications

MicroGC: Gas chromatography systems developed for a high and speed analysis of organic volatile compounds of low molecular weight in gas phase samples. These systems are composed of modules (or channels) that integrates in a single system the injector, column and detector

Gas  Chromatography and​ Gas Masses: ​Find on this section Gas chromatographs, sample inlet systems (P&T, Pyrolysis, thermal desorption, dynamic Headspace, SPE, SPDE, SPME, etc.), selective detection systems (NCD, SCD, PFPD, ELCD, XSD, AED, Sniffer, etc.) and mass spectrometers.

GC X GC: This technology allows separation of compounds unresolved in a single column. We offer two-dimensional systems with different alternatives of modulation.

Liquid Chromatography and Liquid Masses: We offer different Liquid chromatographs, LC/QQQ systems, analyzers, HPLC modules, pumps, ovens or injectors, electrochemical detectors, universal detectors (NQAD or ELSD) and post-column derivatization systems.

Analyzers: We offer specific solutions for different sectors: Energy&Industries, Neuroscience, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical industries, Forensic and Toxicology, Environmental, Clinical & Diagnosis and Food industries.

Gel Permeation Chromatography: We offer a wide range of GPC products,as well as specific detectors like viscometers, multiangle ELSD, standards and selectives columns. 

Softwares: We supply a large variety of softwares, as well as generals for complete control in chromatography systems, and also specific softwares for concrete applications.

Gas Generators: Find on this section a large variety of gas generators, for Hydrogen, Nitrogen or Air, adapted to the technical requirements of different laboratory analyzers, GC, LC/MS, ICP, ELSD, AA, TOC, etc.

Gas Detector Array: Portable gas-detection systems, gas sensor systems and accessories for on-site sampling in order to protect personnel and the environment from chemical threats and hazardous agents.

PTR-MS Systems: Is the benchmark method for simultaneous real-time monitoring of volatile (organic) compounds (VOCs) without sample preparation in very low concentrations .

Electronic Nose: Small, fast and robust equipments, that allowsto differentiate odor profiles. The detection is carried out with sensor technology of metal oxides.

Consumables: Within our wide range of consumables for all our supplied equipments, as well as consumables for otherequipments in the market or general laboratory consumables.