Hydrogen Generators

Obtaining hydrogen is done by water electrolysis with "Proton Exchange Membrane" (PEM) technology, by applying a high potential in a polymer membrane in contact with water obtains the oxygen and hydrogen, thereafter is separated and purified. Within the range of products that we provide we have laboratory equipments (WM, PAR, ND, LC) and for industrial processes (RACK-WM, RACK-ND), both with production capacity up to 1200 ml / min on a single equipment, but with the possibility to connect serial equipments and increase the final gas flow.
We supply generators high purity (99.99999%), for use as a carrier in GC, GC/MS, GCxGC or ICP/MS, and also generators with lower purity (99.9995%) for applications that do not requires an extreme purity of the gas, as the use of auxiliary gas (GC/FID, GC/PFPD, GC/NPD, GC/SCD).