Engineering Analytical provides "turnkey" solutions according to the specific requirements of each user. We carry out comprehensive projects directly involved in its different stages,from the establishment of the project requirements to deployment, and project revision. In this section you will find a brief description of some of our main projects.

Greenhouse Gases On-line system GC-FID/ECD and HS-GC-FID/ECD which allows the on-line and unattended measurement of the main gases of the greenhouse efect. This solution is designed for field system or laboratory system.

Formaldehyde Analysis: On-line system for analysis the formaldehyde both in water and air, by GC-MSD, with pre-column derivatization by SPME dynamics. This solution is available for laboratory or as mobility solution.

Chamber of Controlled Atmosphere for the Industrial Hygiene CCAIH : Designed system of Ingenieria Analitica SL enabling the creation of a controlled atmosphere by chemical composition, knowing humidity and temperature. Fully automatic and controlled by a powerful software.

Allergenic Fragrance : System developed based on GC-MSD with double column and designed for compliance with the IFRA (International Fragrances Association) standards for the simultaneous analysis of 22 allergenic fragrances compounds.

Water benzothiazoles Analysis : System designed for the analysis of Benzothiazole (BT) and related compounds in waters through the HS-SPME-GC/MSD technique with online derivatization SPME on fibers.

Ultrafast SIMDIS System : System developed for automated - unattended analysis and Ultra Fast SIMDIS for compliance with ASTM D2887 the standards.

Continuous Monitoring DMS: On-line analyzer developed for continuous and real-time analysis of DMS to low ppb levels, with the PTR-MS systems in various processing lines.

Total Sulfur in Hydrocarbons : Developed analyzer for the analysis of total sulfur and sulfur compounds in LPG, with speciation mercaptans and other sulfur compounds.

TGA/INTERFACE/GC-MSD Analyzer : Combined analyzer for the analysis and study of VOC's, with a first thermo gravimetry stage and subsequent analysis of the VOC's obtained.

Online Analyzer OE/OP : Analyzer developed for continuous analysis of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide within few minutes and completely unattended for use on industrial environments.

Online Analyzer VOCs : Analyzer developed for continuous analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) present in process gases CO2 and N2 type at trace levels.

Online Analyzer (Gases Permanent + Hydrocarbons + Azufrado) : On-line system GC-TCD-FID-PFPD developed for monitoring of permanent gases (H2, CO2, O2, N2, CH4, CO), light hydrocarbons (C1 , C6 +) and sulfur compounds (H2S, COS, RSH, etc.).

Mobile Lab : We have developed solutions and projects based on mobility systems; visit our website www.yourmobilelab .com where you can find more information about these applications.