Our history


We are already more than 20 in the AI ​​team. We implemented the LIMS system in our application laboratory and improved production processes to maximize efficiency. New distribution agreement with VUV-Analytics.

We reached the figure of 10 units sold in Spain and Portugal of our innovative "Exhaled breath analyzer for food intolerances"


We exceed the figure of 50 Spanish Hospitals where we supply clinical diagnostic kits by HPLC and MSD. Immunosuppressants, Vitamins, ...

New distribution agreement with Axel Semrau for the exclusive distribution in Spain of Chronect Analyzers (Mosh-Moha, FAMES, MCPD, Esterols,...)


Historic billing record. We reached 5,000,000 Euros.

We delivered the first exhaust air analyzer developed entirely by IA (worldwide exclusivity), for the detection of food intolerances of sugars.

New distribution agreement with ARC for the supply in Spain of Polyarc reactors. 


In the middle of Covid, we continue our activities. We keep our staff 100% operational and we grow in HR, adapting to new regulations and work circumstances.


New clinical division, with the purchase of the BIORAD HPLC Kits market fund, implementing the new Recipe kits in all clients


Continuamos nuestra política de calidad con la ISO 9001:2015.


We celebrate our 20th anniversary. We thank all our clients, suppliers, partners and especially our valuable human team for the effort, dedication and trust in our organization.

Thanks to all of you and we hope to continue counting on all of you in a future full of new projects and dreams.


Born “Yourmobilelab.com”, YourMobileLab is a business division of Analytical Engineering, S.L. dedicated to mobile laboratory solutions. We have become the first choice for mobile laboratories for scientific and environmental agencies and organizations.

With our mobile units we attend various international fairs (ArabLab 2013 in Dubai Analytics; Analytica 2014 München..)


We expanded our facilities in Sant Cugat del Vallés with more than 600 m2.

We expanded our technical facilities to 6 laboratories (Lab. Applications, Lab. Gc, Lab. HPLC, Lab. Repairs...)


Better sales results. Paradoxically, in 2009, when the economic decline and the first steps of the crisis in Spain were approaching, In Ingeniería Analítica, S.L. we obtain the best sales results since the beginning of our business.


New exclusives that enrich our offer of specialty products. The world leader in the field of chromatography, Agilent Technologies, entrusts us with the exclusive distribution in Spain of the Micro GC 3000 chromatography line.

We reinforce our quality policy with ISO 9001:2000


We developed our first C.C.A.I.H. Controlled Atmosphere Chamber for Industrial Hygiene. It is a multiple system that combines the possibility of creating a controlled atmosphere of known chemical composition, temperature and humidity. Fully automatic, controlled by powerful software. We developed it for an important organization in the sector in Spain. This project was unprecedented and we can assure that to date it is the most versatile, reliable and reproducible existing in the world market, totally automated and controlled by a powerful software.

​Different versions of this chamber have been created for the environment and toxicology, to obtain controlled atmospheres of all kinds, for inorganic gases and volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds and solids for pyrolysis processes, allowing the study of individual compounds or more complex mixtures than we can. imagine. It consists of: 
- A mixing chamber for gaseous or liquid compounds.
- A sampling chamber, for all types of tests.
 - A filtration station. 
- An online gas chromatograph, as an analytical control unit. 
- A powerful software that manages the entire automation system. In short, it is a production station for patterns of complex mixtures, in the gas phase.


Business consolidation and strengthening in the face of the challenges of the new millennium. Investment in new infrastructures to strengthen our lines in R+D+I.


Establishment of our subsidiary in Germany, ANYTECH GmbH. Our participation in the European market. New international contacts consolidate strategic alliances of great interest for our business development.

We are committed to working with the best manufacturers and brands represented.


​A great initiative, the birth of Ingeniería Analítica S.L. The innovative differential that it brings to the analytical market known until then.

A new concept: Engineering applied to Analytical Instrumentation.


Years of business prosperity. Constitution of new companies of marked character specializing in analytical services for chromatographic techniques "KROMXPEK".

Research and Development take shape in our organization.


He also participates as co-founder of the first company to develop its technology and to create the first Gas Chromatograph "Made in Spain".

Its presentation coincides with the VI International Chromatography Symposium, held in Barcelona.


Our President is linked to the world of instrumental analysis, and more specifically to the field of Chromatography, as a founding partner of the first Spanish manufacturing company in this field, "XPECTRIX".