What do We Do

We are experts in Chromatography, Spectrometry and other related Analytical Techniques. We offer a wide catalog of products and services:

​- Supply of Analytical Instrumentation
​​ ​- Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Equipment
​- Technical assistance service
​​​- Turnkey projects (Analytical solutions and supply management)
​- Specialized analytical services​

​​ ​- Training and customer support

Our personalized service proposals are adjusted to the specific needs of your laboratory. We offer a variety of services, whether you need external collaboration for the maintenance tasks of a single instrument or if you need to manage the maintenance and technical assistance of several pieces of equipment in your laboratory, we have a tailor-made solution for each of our clients (Solutions Analytics). Invest your time in other tasks and trust us with the management and maintenance of your equipment. Our experience will be your best ally.