Greenhouse Gases


Explanatory note: App Greenhouse Gases Analysis by a modified Agilent HS-GC/FID/ECD System

The system has the ability to analyze greenhouse gases such as CH4, CO2 & N2O into ppbv levels to both air and soil environmental matrices. The system is based on an injection valve type Sampling Valve external (for on-line environmental air analysis) or a Headspace AGILENT HS 7697A system (for soil analysis) both coupled to a 7890A GC fitted in a multi position valve integrated into the equipment, an Interface Volatiles (VI), one special GREENHOUSE GASES column and a double channel with two separate detectors (FID and uECD), and adapted for determination in the FID channel of CH4, CO2 and other gases, and an ECD channel of N2O, all in a single, automated and unassisted analysis.

ECD channel for the ppbv level analysis of the N2O: FID channel for the ppbv level analysis of the CH4,CO2  & others gases:
-  Injection loop 1 mL         -  Injection loop 1 mL 
-  Volatile Interface (VI)         -  Volatile Interface (VI)
-  Specific Capillary column (Greenhouse Gases Effect)         -  Specific Capillary column (Greenhouse Gases Effect)
-  Capillary Detector uECD         -  Demethanizer
          -  Capillary Detector FID