TDAS 2000

The Thermal Desorption Autosampler (TDAS) was developed by CHROMTECH for fully automated thermal desorption. The system works as follows: First, desorption vials, crimped with regular caps, are transported from the sample tray to the heater inlet port by the PAL’s injection unit. As soon as the vial is placed into the heater, the injection unit pushes the vial and heater downwards, piercing both vial ends. The bottom of the heater, which is fitted with a syringe needle, injects the sample into the PTV when the heater is pushed down. The carrier gas flow then switches direction, passing through the desorption vial and onto the cooled PTV.

All analytes are thereby refocused onto the cooled liner. After a 3 – 5 minute desorption at a high temperature, the PAL moves the thermal desorption unit out of the inlet. At that point, the flow is redirected back to the inlet, so that it no longer passes through the sample. After a short equilibration time, the PTV inlet heats rapidly to its maximum temperature. Doing the heating while the PTV is in splitless mode will provide maximum sensitivity.


System features

- Ideal for food and flavor analyses

- Solid sample analyses for semiconductor and plastics industries

- Easy to use for gas samples, using pre-filled (Tenax tubes) adsorption tubes

- Sample capacity of up to 296 samples

- No transfer lines and no switching valves. No carryover

- Crimped sample container. No contamination of sample

- Easy mounting on top of GC. Quick installation and removal

- Smart vial transport by PALSystem

- Direct thermal extraction from sample vial to GC injector.

- Heater oven temperature of up to 350° C

- Adaptable to existing PTV injectors

- Software integrated with HP/Agilent ChemStation or ThermoFinnigan Xcalibur


- Food and flavor industry

- Environment – air sampling

- Plastics industries 


Description Reference 

 TDAS 2000 Option for CTC Combi PAL consisting of:

     • Desorption oven, maximum temperature up to 350°C, controlled by PAL system

     • Sample transfer by "Moving-Oven-Inlet"

     • EPC-controlled flow during desorption (only for GC with EPC)

     • 21 Tube adapters for PAL 21 x 2 mL Tray

     • Tube Transport Adapter

     • Carrier gas transfer metal syringe

     • Tube conditioning after desorption

     • PC-Control by optional Cycle Composer Software

     • Easy change back to headspace or liquid injections

     • Adaptable to almost all known PTV injectors with LN2 or CO2 cooling systems

     • This kit is packaged for an Agilent GC 6890N with Agilent PTV (Septum Cap)! Please

        contact us when using another GC!

     • Requires Cycle Composer 1.5. or higher

     • Requires PAL LHS0 model

     • Requires PAL TraySet20mL or TraySet2mL

     • Requires 1 pc Pressure regulator (MM03-00)

 TDAS Startup-Kit, includes 100 empty tubes, 20 pre-filled tubes, tube plugs, seals, caps and    crimper 8  mm CT TDAS St-Kit