Sniffer Phaser

The human nose is an incredible detector for aroma/mal-odor components. Gas Chromatography Olfactometry (GC/O) is a bioassay that measures human response to odorants separated by gas chromatography. The superior sensitivity and selectivity of human olfaction make GC/O a powerful and meaningful tool for flavor chemistry. Besides providing data about the potency of odorants extracted and separated for samples, GC/O can also be used to study variation in human olfaction or provide testing and training of panelists used in sensory testing.

At its best, GC-O, provides industry with a link between chemical data collected from ingredients or products and the sensory and consumer preference data collected from the market place. At the very least GC-O data derived from a product can be used for quality control or the development of value added products.

  • No cold spot gives the possibility to sniff the high boiling compounds.
  • Maximum 300°C on the transfer line.
  • Protects your nose from drying by adding moist air to sniffing port.
  • Easy to connect the capillary column to the splitter.
  • Sitting down or standing up while sniffing.
  • Compact and easy to install on any GC instrument.


Standard with all PHASERS a calculation program (splitManager) is supplied to make the correct capillary tubing´s in order to have a good split ratio between the nose and detector. The Olfactory Voicegram is an option and is not supplied with all units.

Olfactory Voicegram features:

  • Voice recognition
  • Voice recording and replay function on each peak
  • Clickable aroma palette (configured by the user)
 Transfer line  temperature  range

0 to 300 ºC (controlled by PID), 1 ºC increments

 Dimensions Transfer line  35×600 mm (optional: 1000 mm)
 Flow control Auxiliary  gas Mass-flow control valve
 Auxiliary gas Flow range 10 ml/min
 Auxiliary air Flow range 100 l/min
 Operating pressure range  Auxiliary gas  1.7 MPa (Maximum operating pressure)
 Operating pressure range  Auxiliary air   0.1 MPa to 1.0 MPa
 Auxiliary gas In  1/8inch (3.175mm) SL tube connection
 Auxiliary gas Out 1/16inch (1.588mm) SL tube connection
 Air In  1/8inch (3.175mm) SL tube connection
 Air Out 1/8inch (3.175mm) one touch tube connection
 Operating temperature 5 to 35ºC
 Storage Temperature (-25 to 60 ºC)
 Shipping/Storage humidity  10 to 85% non-condensing
 Altitude 2000 m.
 Line frequency 50 to 60Hz
 Line Voltage 200 to 240V AC
 Power consumption Max.500VA,(5A)
 Dimensions  (W)96 x (H)300 x (D)230 mm
 Weight approx. 7 kg