4551A Liquid Injections

The Model 4551A Purge-and-Trap Water Autosampler achieves results by automating VOC analysis of up to 51 samples. Vertical docking of the autosampler to the Eclipse Sample Concentrator means no extra benchspace is used. The removable, lightweight sample carousel makes sample loading and unloading easy, while its spiral design optimizes septum-piercing accuracy. With its proven, reliable sample handling system, the Model 4551A gets the job done, sample after sample.

  • Holds up to 51 samples
  • Docks directly onto the Eclipse Sample Concentrator, minimizing benchspace requirements
  • Program multiple rinses and blanks
  • No system clogging even with lightly particulated water
  • Optional SAM is available for automated standard/surrogate addition
  • Spiral-design carrousel optimizes septum-piercing accuracy
  • Removable, lightweight sample carousel makes sample loading/unloading easy



 3.175-mm O.D. x 2.667-mm I.D. (0.125” O.D. x 0.105” I.D .)

 Direct resistance heating

 Cooldown temperature: ambient +1ºC

 Heating rate: >1.000 ºC/min to 300ºC

 Maximum setpoint: 450ºC

 Cooling rate: >240 ºC/min (200ºC to 30ºC in <50 sec)

 Water Management

 Eliminates all but approximately 0.25 µL (0.063 µL/min) of trapped water (>96% water removed)

 Maximum temperature: 240 ºC

 Cooldown temperature: ambient +1ºC

 Water removal at level equivalent to condensation at 4.8ºC

 Optional Sample Heater

 Infrared lamp heating method

 In situ temperature measurement and feedback control

 Maximum sample heating rate: >35ºC/min (5 mL); >17ºC/min (25 mL)

 Temperature range: ambient to 200ºC (up to 350 ºC with the Aire Tube Desorber)

 Inlet temperature: ambient to 200ºC

 Sample Pathway

 Hydroguard 1/16” tubing

 Hydroguard transfer line: 48” standard; 60” optional

 Programmable Temperature ranges

 Trap: ambient to 450ºC in Purge, Desorb, and Bake

 Sample transfer line: ambient to 295ºC

 Valve oven: ambient to 350ºC

 Sparge mount: ambient to 200ºC

 Temperature accuracy: +/- 2% or +/- 2ºC (whichever is greater) for all heated zones

 Temperature stability: +/- 2ºC for all heated zones

 Optional sample heater: ambient to 200ºC (350ºC with the Air-Tube Desorber)

 Heated zones tested during system self-test

 Electronic Control

 250 programmable methods with naming capability

 Method sequencing

 Communications interface

 Ethernet/LAN connection

 Full-color, Windows CE-based touchscreen graphical user interface

 Optional lower-cost, PC-only version Windows-based PC operation software package

 Internal communications by RS-232 and RS-485 connections

 User interface languages

 English, Chinese