Sampling Kit

On-site sampling for later analysis through GC/MS or TD/GC/MS.

Sampling Kit was developed in case of chemical accidents or fires where there was a release of chemicals, it is necessary to put appropriate analytical technologies in place as soon as possible in order to analyze the released substances.

Sampling Kit brings together various techniques and accessories for sampling and the preparation of samples, whether they are in the gas phase (air), solid phase (earth, sand, other solids) or liquid phase (water), so that they can be analyzed through a TD-GC/MS.

The instruction manual describes step by step, in a very simple way, how each method should be performed, making it easy to use in stressful situations.

Sampling Kit application áreas

  • Used by fire brigades and other first responder teams after accidents
  • Can be used in chemical industries
  • On-site sampling possible

Sampling and Sample Preparation Kit: Accurate and quick preparation for GC/MS analysis. This chemical sample preparation kit is specifically designed for the use by first responders and safety operators. With analytical work – the step of sampling and also the sample preparation are the most important ones to achieve correct results. The sampling procedures are easy, quick and fail safe. Step by step procedures lead to a sample that can be analyzed by Thermal Desorption-gc/MS and provide correct results.

List of contented methods

Accessories for sampling and analysis are sorted according to the sampling methods:

1. Method WL (Water-volatiles):               • 3 glass bottles (250 ml) for sampling and extraction
                                                                      • 3 purge & trap-adaptor screw caps with teflon sealing, fritted glass disk, Swagelok-adapter for sampling cartridges (sampling tubes)
2. Method WE (Water-liquid extraction): • Extract bottles PE
• 3 screw caps
• 3 liquid transfer adapter
• tips for pipettes
3. Method BL (Soil-volatiles):                  • 3 glass bottles (250 ml)
                                                      • 3 headspace screw caps with teflon sealing
                                                       • Swagelok-adapter for sampling cartridges (sampling tubes)
                                                        • Swagelok-feed-trough
                                                       • Swagelok-ventilation screw
                                                       • 3 samplers for soil and transportation cover
4. Method BE (Soil-extraction):      • 5 test tubes with soil samples
                                                       • 5 caps with teflon sealing
                                                       • tips for pipettes (10 ml extraction)
                                                        • tips for pipettes (5 μl injection)
5. Method OF (Surface-solids):      • 5 test tubes with sampling tip for solids
                                                            • 5 test tubes with sampling tip for liquids
                                                       • 5 test tubes with wipe sampler

List of contented ítems

1.  Standard Liquids:   • 250 ml glass bottle with Acetone and deuterated internal standards
                                   • 250 ml glass bottle with n-Hexane and deuterated internal standards
                                   • 100 ml glass bottle with Methanol and deuterated internal standards

2. 9 Cartridges with Swagelok caps and teflon sealing for sampling with:
                                          • 3 tenax as adsorbent material (blue)
                                          • 3 combination of adsorbents (black)
                                          • 3 extraction tubes (red)
3.  Ultrasonic cleaner
4.  Pipette Eppendorf (5 μl Injection)
5.  Pipette Eppendorf (10 ml Injection) 
6.  BF-Heater (Water bath)
7.  System for extraction and addition of standards:
                                          • Schwagelok fittings and tubing for connection to hand pump
                                          • Charcoal filter with restriction
                                          • Casing with transparent cover
8.  Hand pump
9.  Case for the safe transportation of all sampling and analysis tools. According to MIL standard.
10. Description of Methods for correct handling.