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The GC-IMS-ODOR is a stand-alone instrument, which has developed to quantify precisely the concentration of Gasodor-S-Free, THT or TBM in natural gas.

Besides, power the GC-IMS-ODOR only needs N2 or synthetic air as drift and carrier gas for operation. Driving from spot to spot its one-klick operation accessible via the 6,4“ TFT touch screen display allows to securely carry out on-site tests manually even by non-specialists. Upon completion of a measurement after approx. 4 minutes, values are automatically stored on the integrated compact flash card. They can downloaded via USB stick or Ethernet cable connection to PC at the end of a shift. Reports are available as user-friendly Excel tables or directly printable from pdf.files.

Alternatively, the device can used as a 24/7 based on-line monitoring tool to automatically test for the odour concentration in user-defined intervals. Operating in this mode the system carries out a self-test before each test and if necessary re-calibrates itself by the use of a calibration gas so that maximum accuracy and security achieved. Acquired data consecutively transmitted via current loop 4-20mA, a modem- or network connection to a control room. 

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Monitoring of Odorants in Natural Gas

The gas odour level of natural gas needs to be monitored at regular intervals to secure the required level of the organosulphur compounds tetra-hydro-thiophene (THT) and tert-butyl-mercaptane (TBM) or the sulfur-free (Gasodor-S-Free) markers, which are used worldwide to odorize natural gas. The safety concern is to assure a minimum concentration of the alarming smell while not overdosing the high-priced odour markers.

With experience of more than 10 years in the natural gas application G.A.S. in 2015 launched a new customized instrument generation. Compared to former products the GC-IMS-ODOR based on gas chromatography, which enables an excellent separation of any natural gas matrix and to measure any odorant with an accuracy of better than +/- 1 mg/m3. Moreover, the configuration, workflow and particularly its user-interface optimized to correspond to the daily routines and operations of utility personnel in the field.

The GC-IMS-ODOR is versatile as its 19" housing allows a portable on-site use with an automatic pressure independent flow adjustment, one-klick operation and a measurement time of 4 minutes. Results are stored on the compact flash card, can be linked to locations and later being downloaded using a USB stick to be printed as report or converted to Excell tables.

The GC-IMS-ODOR can operated alternatively as on-line monitoring device where it samples and fully automatic re-calibrates itself at user-defined intervals. Data can transferred via Ethernet or 4-20mA output to a control room. Using this operation mode and positioning the instrument at critical 'end-points' of its grid the utility assures a 24/7 control of its odour concentration and can react immediately in case of a problem at the point of odorization, the grid or an empty odorant container.  

Therefore, the GC-IMS-ODOR represents a rugged, value for money high-end equipment that can still operate by the technical personnel of natural gas utility.



Working Principle: Gas Chromatograph-lon Mobility Spectrometer.

GC-Column: Capillary Column 30 m.

Detector Source:Tritium 300MBq,below the exemption limit for a license according to EURATOM Directive 96/26.

Sampling: Heated 6-port-valve.

Measurement Range: Gasodor S-Free: 4.0-40 mg/m3 (Resolution 0.1), THT: 4.0 - 40mg/m3 (Resolution 0.1), TBM: 0.1 - 1O mg/m3 (Resolution 0.1)

Calibration Gas: Gasodor®S-Free, THT and TBM in natural gas or nitrogen.

Display: 6.4" TFT touchscreen display

Data Acquisition: Ultra-fast ADIO-Board

Data Processing: 1.6 GHz lntel Atom

Data Storage: 4GB (or bigger) compact flash card

lnterfaces: RS232, USB, Ethernet, 4-20 mA current loop

Pressure Range: 1.0 kPa - 400.0 kPa (1O mbar- 4 bar)

Power Supply: 100- 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz (external)

                         24 V DC/ 5A, XLR connector (internal)

Operating Temperature: -10ᵒC  -  +40ᵒC

Dimensions:  449 x 435 x 177 mm (WxDxH)

Weight: 15.5 kg 

Housing: 19", IP 20 enclosure, EMC conformity

Cooling: Axial fan, speed control temperature related (max 5.5 m3/h)

Gas Connectors: 3 mm stainless steel (Swagelok) for drift gas inlet, sample gas inlet and outlet, carrier gas inlet and IMS gas outlet.

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