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BreathSpec: Analyser to test volatile Substances directly from Human Breath.

The BreathSpec consists of a Gas Chromatograph (GC) and an Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) and optimised for the sensitive detection of traces of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) directly in human breath.

The configuration of the BreathSpec allows you to separate the high amount of moisture present in human breath by a GC column whilst still maintaining the extraordinary sensitivity of the IMS of the low ppbv-range for the relevant volatile organic substances that used as markers for illnesses or toxic chemicals that inhaled by a human.

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All parts and components that get into contact with the gas sample are temperature controlled achieving most defined analytical conditions and by this assuring reproducible results. This requisite and function allows at the same time carry out a cleaning of all gas-carrying components in case the system becomes saturated or contaminated with VOCs. 

Measurement results are available within a few minutes. An easy one-click menu enables the operation of the system even through a non-specialist. Manual or automatic operation modes as well as an automatic data acquisition plus as several straightforward software tools (plug-ins) for visualization and analysis make up the high flexibility of the system. 

The sampling of the BreathSpec® is easy and reliable due to the integrated spirometer that besides providing valuable information regarding flow and CO2-/O2 concentrations triggers the measurement at adjustable but determined values in order to assure maximum reproducibility of the sampling.


  • Working Principal: Gas Chromatograph coupled to Ion Mobility Spectrometer (GC-IMS)
  • IMS Ionization: 3H-Tritium (<380MBq, below EURATOM exemption limit of 1GBq, no licence necessary)
  • IMS Model: Time-of-Flight / 10cm tube; Potential ± 5.000V
  • GC columns: General capillary columns, up to 60m@ID0.32mm/30m@ID0.53mm
  • Flow control: Electronic pressure controller
  • Sampling: Heated 6-port-valve incl. sample pump




Technical Features

  • Dimension [mm]: 450 x 500 x 295 (WxDxH)
  • Weight [kg]: approx. 20kg
  • Operation: Stand-alone through build-in computer, input by touch screen (6.4”) or rotary pulse button
  • Data interfaces: USB, Ethernet, Current loop interface [optional]

 Maintenance intervals

  • Device: 2 years
  • Filter exchange: approx. 3 months (by customer)
  • Device cleaning: Built-in bake out function
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